About us

Our Approach

40 years ago, I stood in front of my peers and accepted my Doctor of Pharmacy Degree, proud and hungry to continue learning and growing my pool of knowledge. As I started my career in what I imagined would be Pharmacy, I soon realized how much I had missed my world of beakers, chemicals, and scales that I came to know and love all so much throughout my schooling. I missed how this world provided me the opportunity to create something beautiful out of raw ingredients that would otherwise sit and collect dust.

Out of this continued passion to create, Delicate Cosmetics was birthed. Through Delicate Cosmetics, I was given the opportunity to do what I, very early on in my career, found I loved most, to create unique concoctions for people in order to enhance their daily lives. Throughout the past ten years, my team of scientists and I have had the opportunity to create award winning formulas in the realm of cosmetics, hair care, and skin care. Besides the creation of our customer’s formulas, I’ve had the joy of providing my customers with the manufacturing of their product as well. Delicate Cosmetics has provided me with a place I can call home away from home and I can honestly say that I look forward to what the future holds and the challenges that may come with it.

I look forward to the opportunity in making your dreams come true as mine have!

Alexander Badali